BETON supplies on-demand ready-mix concrete all over the Greater Doha area from its three 8 Batching Plants 24/7.

One of our specialties is on-site batching, which consists of setting up batching plants on the site of larger projects. This service is provided when the project has a specific laydown area and requires high quantities of concrete.

We also specialize in providing ready-mix concrete for high-rise buildings and sites with limited access with our large and diverse fleet of mobile pumps, spiders, stationary pumps and placing booms. We pride ourselves on owning the largest mobile pump in the Gulf, which has a 68-meter boom length.


BETON specializes in the production, delivery and pumping of a broad range of customized concretes specifically tailored to meet our customers’ needs. We also keep up with the latest technology in concrete, with our research and development team continuously striving to give our clients up-to-date product lines and coping with ever-changing construction demands. We provide normal concrete mixtures, as well as more unconventional mixtures such as lightweight, slip form, pavement quality, cement-bound, controlled low strength, ultra-high strength, tremie, white, pervious, waterproof and water-resistant, shortcrete, extruded, high-performance, heavy-weight, fiber-reinforced, architectural, and self-compacting concrete.

We also supply green concrete, a range of environmentally friendly concrete with a low carbon footprint.